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We get right up in the grill of the latest Yoversion Records artist and family member ‘Richie Barthez’ to find out a little bit more about the man behind ‘Want You Back’ and his dedication to ‘Uncle Travelling Matt’

1. Richie it’s great to have you on board and welcome to the Yoversion Family. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and musical career background?

I’ve been a massive music fan all my life, growing up and hearing a diverse sound from my family of Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Soul. From the age of 13 I got some cheap decks and started practicing mixing and doing my own mixtapes. This led to gigs in my late teens and gave me the chance to play to bigger and bigger audiences over the following years. I’ve been a DJ most of my life but only really properly got in to production in the past couple of years.

2. ‘Want You Back’ has been your debut release as an artist. Can you tell us how the track came about and the people behind it?

I’ve had a play at making tracks before but never really finished anything. I’m a perfectionist and as far as I’m concerned nothing is ever good enough. Luckily some good people around me gave me the confidence to pick up the pieces and finish ‘Want You Back’. Danny J Lewis got involved at the early stages before the track even had a vocal planned. He reviewed it via his now huge Music Pro Tutorials YouTube channel. This gave me a big push and encouraged me to find a vocal. A good friend of mine, Peter Brown who has been around on the House and Hip Hop scene for years offered to get his friend Leroy Macs involved and he asked him to do some vocals. An example of Leroy’s vocals came across via a phone recording and I was buzzing. Leroy sent an Acapella across and I started laying this down on the instrumental. At the later stages (early 2014) another friend John Randle who has been sending me his own productions for a while offered to get involved with a Remix of ‘Want You Back.’ John actually helped with the Final Mixdown of the Original Mix and we spent hours working on a Master of both the Original and Remix. The one thing I’m proud about with this track is the fact it was all played in from scratch and the only loop used was a shaker sample.

3. How have you found being behind a mixing desk as an experience as opposed to a set of decks?

Complete opposites, It’s a totally different ball game in my opinion. Producing is frustrating but extremely satisfying when you get an end result. DJ’ing has it’s ups and downs but I think we all have those gigs now and again that put you back on top of the world.

4. What inspired and gave you the confidence to transition from playing other people’s tracks as a DJ to start producing your own music?

I suppose it’s the fact that I have always dabbled in production and thought it was about time I heard something that I created from scratch on a big sound system. It’s a huge buzz! Everyone around me has inspired me though from big selling artists to friends or people who have just worked their arse off in the studio for years and created something amazing.

5. You have been on our radar for some time as being part of the lifeblood in a close-knit soulful house scene. What’s your verdict on the apparent popularity of ‘Deep House’ emerging into the mainstream?

I think it’s natural progression and Deep House works well. There is still some great Soulful House music being produced but I’m certainly a lot more selective over what I like at present. Deep House has become popular due to people like Disclosure having a huge management team behind them and supplying their sound to the commercial scene. I am happy to hear people like Disclosure, Gorgon City, SecondCity and Route 94 in the charts. It’s better than hearing the Top 40 awash with EDM nonsense. A positive from all this is the Kids that are buying and enjoying this ‘popular’ music will hopefully get bored and dig a little deeper. This is when they find the goodness in the underground House scene.

6. There seems to be a trend of producers and DJ’s forming collectives at present. Are you part of a collective, do you feel its important/beneficial to be part of a team?

The scene is getting more and more divided and sometimes you’ve gotta gather the best people around you to keep something alive. I am involved with a couple of different events. I work with Uber in Birmingham, which have been providing House music events for many years and I’ve been DJ’ing for Andy Ward’s Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain for the past 4/5 years. I would class both of these as collectives of good people that all love to party to great music.

7. What’s been the standout gig of your career so far?

This has to be playing at the Uber/Vocal Booth Reunion at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham December 2012. This was a packed out event and playing back to back with the Residents Paul Griff and Gary Ward at peak time was probably one of the biggest buzzes for me ever because everyone in the room was getting down and the sound was just right.

8. Name three of your biggest influences from the music world past, present and future….. Who commands your respect?

Wow that’s a tough one because every day I find some new and someone from my early years that I have never heard of before and they totally blow me away… The list would be endless John!

9. If you could work with an artist of your choice who would it be?

Again so many to choose from.. First one that comes in to my head though is Stevie Wonder.

10. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Wham! – ‘Everything She Wants’


11. Tell us something about you that we definitely would not know about?

The first record I ever bought was a postcard shaped 7″ vinyl – Fraggle Rock – All Around The World.

Richie Barthez Ft. Leroy Macs – Want You Back is out now!

with Remixes from John Randle and Cristiano Da Silva & Le Alen

via Traxsource, iTunes, Beatport and all good Digital Stockists

Check out the preview here>>>

You can purchase here >>>


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