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After he delivered an outstanding remix of Damian Saint’s – Naeza for Yoversion, we catch up with Lee and find out a little bit more about the man himself……….


Firstly, give us a bit of info about your background. You’re an Englishman living in Oz, how did that happen?

Yeah Ive just gone into my 3rd year of living out in Australia. I needed a change of scenery as I was getting a bit bored of the same thing week in week out. So I literally decided just before Xmas 2010, then moved in the Jan over here (Sydney). I still head back from summer in Europe to DJ. Im looking forward to heading back to the UK on the 25th May year for 6-8 weeks touring this year. I did 13 weeks last yr and towards the end it just got a little too much, so keeping it short and sweet.


Things seem to have really blown up for you in the last couple of years, has it been a long journey or did you just make a sudden impact?

I’ve been part of the industry behind the scenes for years, but yeah it was ‘On the Road’ (Hot Waves) that started getting me noticed after Lee Foss signed it.


Has your sound always been on this tip or has it developed and changed over the years?

My sound has changed so much in the space of a year. My early stuff was very Disco/Funk, then I went deep and now Im steering towards 90’s House more, with this remix on Yoversion & also Kenny Dope (Masters at Work) signing another 90’s House Track …


Whats your favourite production that you have made to date?

My Fave is probably my latest track called ‘So in Love’ it’s really smooth ….. However my SoundCloud Stats tell me Define:Rhythm, what is out on Love Not Money’s Miami Sampler in March is my supporters favourite – I literally get asked daily for the copy


Were you a DJ or a Producer first? What’s been you’re major highlight so far on both fronts?

I was a promoter first …. Did that for years in the North of England, then from there I started DJ’ing originally to cut costs (No longer paying for a warm up DJ). Then progression got me in the studio with a good pal I went to Uni with called Aspin. He owns a studio called Vox in Leeds and that’s where I make my music…. We made so many tracks last time I was in the UK – Hoping to do it again in May/June for 2014 releases.


Who are your influences and do you recall ‘that’ moment when you realised that this is exactly what you wanted to do in life?

I’m a big big fan of MK , if I could make music that comes close to what he does then I’ll be a happy man….. I’ve had plenty of moments in the 7+ years I’ve been in the Industry where I’ve stepped back and seen a packed out club (when I was a promoter) and thought I’ve done this and felt very proud. Also playing the 20:20 v Pokerflat Sonar Party (Barcelona) & Hideout Festival (Croatia) last year where both moments I thought I never want this to end.


If you could get in the studio with anyone, who would it be?

MK for sure ….


What attracted you to working with Yoversion?

A friend of mine mentioned Yoversion to me and said that the sound I’m aiming towards would go hand in hand with the direction of the label so it was a no brainer


What’s you’re favourite Record of all time? 

Impossible to say but it would have to be an oldie I reckon, something like…. Shakedown – At Night or George Morel – Let’s Groove


When you’re not working….. where can we typically find you and what are you up to?

I’ve just moved into a new beach house and its still Summer over here at the moment in Sydney, so for the next few months I’ll be on a Sun-lounger on my terrace getting as much tan time as possible – I’ve been quite lucky because I’ve not seen a Winter in over 3 years doing Summer in Australia then Summer in Europe (I don’t miss the cold weather one bit in the UK)


Give us a piece of information about yourself that you have never disclosed in an interview before

Erm …. I got my foot crushed by a 15 ton lorry when I was 8 years old. The Doctor said if I had been 13yr old (Your feet stop growing) he would have amputated my foot it was that badly damaged – That’s pretty mental to think how lucky I was !!!


What Football Team do you support?

I don’t support any football teams, I stopped watching TV / reading papers about 2 years ago – I probably watch TV once a week if that for an hour or so …. I live 3 mins from Bondi Beach so spend my time doing other things, I try and be outside as much as possible.


Where can we follow what you are up to?

You can follow me on

and I’ve just started taking bookings for my European Tour from the 25th May so I’m available to play anywhere in Europe from then, simply contact


Lee’s amazing remix of Naeza is available now on Traxsource. Pick it up here



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  1. Jambo - February 11, 2013 8:12 pm

    Top remix and producer, in the bag for this weekend!!!


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